The Walter CNC sharpening machines do a top quality job for our customers, which in turn gives them longer blade life between service.

We offer quality workmanship and quick turnaround not only for our local customers, but our out-of-state clients as well.

Dixie Saw is a full service sharpening facility which offers the following services and products:

  • Band Saw Blades - Sharpened and Reset
  • Carbide Saws - Retipped and Repaired
  • Carbide Shaper Knives and Cutters - Sharpened
  • Chain Saws - Sharpened
  • Chisels - Sharpened
  • Circular Knives - Sharpened
  • Dado Sets - Sharpened
  • Detail Knives and Cutters - Sharpened and Machined
  • Drill Bits - Sharpened
  • Groovers - Sharpened and Machined
  • Hand Saws - Sharpened
  • Household Tools - Sharpened
  • Hedge Trimmer - Sharpened
  • Lathe Tools - Sharpened
  • Paper Knives - Sharpened and Repaired
  • Granulator Knives - Sharpened
  • Resaws - Sharpened and Repaired
  • Saw Blades - Sharpened, Repaired & Retensioned
  • Shear Blades - Sharpened and Serviced
  • Sticker Knives - Sharpened
  • Corrugated Moulder and William & Hussey Profile Knives
  • We also make band saw blades any length.
  • Our Taylor Winfield welder welds up to 1-1/4" wide.
  • knife (kitchen cutlery) sharpening for restaurants and residential customers.

Products available:

  • Popular machinery saw blades are an excellent quality blade, which we at Dixie Saw have been selling for a number of years. Picture Frame shops are one of the main users of the Mitre saw blades. Also, the nonferrous blades are a popular item and the Truss blades also.
  • Whiteside router bits have been ranked #1 in many tests in the woodworking industry. We have sold thousands of their product over the years, and never get a complaint on their bits!
  • Victorinox cutlery is available here at Dixie Saw also.

Having Alan Gill, an experienced hands-on-owner puts Dixie Saw is a step ahead of the competition. All blades are visually inspected and customer names engraved on each blade. Then everything goes through and ultra sonic cleaner. The blades come off the machines with a mirror micro finish, which gives the blades the ultimate cutting capacity.


Dixie Saw & Knife, Inc.

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Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thur 7am to 5pm.
Friday by Appointment Only.

"Stay Sharp with Us"
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